Aiden grew up with Niall on the streets. His father was a drunk and he never knew his mother. He too started work at an early age carrying tools up to the high rise workers. Aiden had a knack for scaling that scaffolding and found himself early on developing skills building at great heights. When Seamus showed up to the work site, it was Aiden who Niall chose to train him in the job. Aiden and Seamus both enjoyed conversations about justice and particularly when they were intoxicated, they would get quite philosophical. However, they always, always showed up to work in the morning.


Patrick was a thief. It was all he knew after coming into the new world. It was either steal or starve. So he stole. 

One day he tried to pick the pocket of a passer by and Niall grabbed his teenage wrist and told him that stealing was no way to live. Niall took him under his wing, and gave him a job at the site. After years of faithful service, he assigned Patrick the duty of bartending. Patrick now runs the bar and is incredibly loyal to Niall for his care. Just like his mentor, he decided that it would be too much to bring a child into this hostile world. So he had no family. He considers Niall, Aiden, Seamus and Jean his family.