Alma is from El Salvador, but everyone thinks she's Mexican. She crossed the border with her father when she was a teenager, but he was deported and later died for unknown reasons. Her disabled mother was left to raise her kids in El Salvador with no job, so Alma, a straight-A honor student, dropped out of school to work full time. Bi-weekly she sends most of her money to support her family.

Alma's name means soul, and she embodies that kind of passion, but has never been given the opportunity to express it. A pretty girl, she's often noticed for her looks, but has above average intelligence and excels in communications. She particularly has a desire to advocate on behalf of immigrants who have no voice in the world they live in. Her legal status threatens that dream.

Recently she and a group of friends started working at "O'Neils Irish Pub and Restaurant," where she's a hostess. Her childhood friend Carlos, whom she hasn't seen since he went off to college, also works there. She has always admired his desire to also represent those without a voice. She's excited to get to know him again.