Amelio was a standout high school soccer player, but it didn't matter. He couldn't move forward in the sport as an illegal citizen, and his mother needed his help with the provisions for his younger siblings. So Amelio went straight to work.

A friend of his mother's gave him a chance to work on a overnight janitorial crew and during the day he picked in the fields. His family was from Argentina so he looked white, but as soon as people started speaking to him in English, and he couldn't respond appropriately, he decided it was best to just all around avoid the situation as to not embarrass himself. He removed himself from any situation where he had to speak English. This wasn't hard as any place he could get work, was a place where only Latinos would work anyway.

Jessie was the first English speaker that made him feel okay about his inability to speak English. Simon didn't speak so well either, so Amelio got a kick out of his tenacity to keep trying. 


Peyton and Amelio played soccer together in high school. He was the only white guy on an all Latino team. 

Growing up down the street from Jessie, he too became early acquainted with racial diversity and often people would think he was hispanic because of his style. 

Nothing was more important to Peyton than his friends, so his life became about being wherever they were. Because he was white, he did notice that he would most often get favor over and above his Latino friends for just the way he looked. 

Even at work he noticed that anytime a white person in authority wanted to say something condescending to the staff, they would look at him for approval. This terribly upset him, but the only time he spoke up, he was called "white trash" and told to shut up. 

Peyton considers Amelio, Simon and Jessie family, and he's really excited that they are all working together again.