Carlos is the most educated of the Reyes boys. Having recently graduated from UCLA, he is now in a grad program at USC learning how to advocate for the underserved - particularly Latinos. He sees the solution to their struggle is to implement artistic and cultural education programs that will bridge their assimilation into Americans. Starting the program in high schools, would reasonably give them opportunities to learn English and history, while maintaining their roots in cultural and artistic expressions that are distinctively "Latino."

He considers himself the cultural liaison for his family and friends. Having the most experience with "white people," he believes he knows how to best move in and out of both cultures. On the one hand he sees himself as a protector of the Latino's dignity. On the other hand, he sees himself as the leader of a cultural revolution where people will be able to see the value of Latinos and inevitably they will have more respectful positions in society, and be able contributors to its betterment. 

Practically, Carlos is fascinated by white culture as he's come to learn his Latino family and friends as simple minded and superstitious. Lately he's been interested in getting to know the new girl at work who is rumored to be the owner's niece, Emily O'Neil.