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Declan was only 14 when his parents passed. His brothers kept him protected and took care of him ensuring he'd continue in school. He's the most educated of the Dolan boys and excelled in construction. He was on track to be an engineer when Jimmy decided they should move to New York. Upon their arrival the young "Decks" charismatically talked his way into all kinds of favor, even working to deliver newspapers for a while. After the Dolans joined their cousin as a part of his work crew, Declan was quickly recognized by Niall as a gifted young lad who had the potential to manage others, and being single, he wouldn't be distracted by the burdens of a family. Declan has the optimism of Seamus with the practical sense of Jimmy. He had high hopes for the new world.

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Shannon O'Brien came over with her twin brother Ennis. After they lost their parents to sickness in Ireland they heard that America would give them a new start. Children of simple farmers from the countryside, they were lowly educated and had no skills. Shannon found work for Niall as a street sweeper and was able to collect a minimal amount of funds to support herself and help her brother. A pretty girl, she often caught the attention of men, but her brother's watchful eye and street savvy ways kept her from entering situations where she had to compromise herself. Recently she's been given lots of attention from Declan, who has told his brothers that he's been hit with love at first sight. Shannon isn't sure she can trust him. She's also unsure as to whether or not it's even possible to have a family in the new world without the children and parents suffering terribly.