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Granpa O'Neil is the grandson of Jimmy Dolan and the son of Jimmy Jr. After World War II, sometime in the 50's he moved from Oklahoma with his children to California so they could start over. His kids founds lots of opportunities in the Golden State and they quickly began to turn off their father's voice which was calling them to continue what Granpa called "the narrative of the spirit."

In the 70's, his grandkids James, Sean and Cassidy lost their father in the Vietnam War. He tried to assume a fatherly role for them, but their mother quickly remarried a man who had progressive ideas about the American dream and entrepreneurship, and could care less for their roots. 

The story of the Dolans would experience its most definitive mangling when Granpa read James' version of it in his awful book series "Green Dreams." He couldn't believe his grandfather's incredible story could be shrinkwrapped into such a marketable piece of garbage that was more bollocks than truth.

Granpa is losing hope that the narrative of the spirit will continue. He isn't sure that any songs of freedom will be sung in the family again. He's not looking forward to the family event in July, but he's going to be his jovial self and hope for the best, as he always does. Recent conversations with Connor, Cassidy and Shannon are giving the strength to hold on.