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Guerro got his nickname because he looks like a white guy. Really, Johnny's half white. His mother Clara doesn't talk about it, but the story he learned was that his white father told his parents about his love for Clara, that she was pregnant, and that she was Mexican. When they heard this, they sent a $1,000 check to Clara and sent their son to the east coast for college.

Guerro never learned his dad's name, but he considers him a coward and has no desire to find him. Johnny did pretty well in school, was very popular, and went on to quarterback for his high school football team. There was even talk about him being recruited to UCLA, but he injured his shoulder his senior year and dropped out. 

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Estefania crossed the border just a few years ago with her newlywed husband. About 6 months ago the slaughter house he was working in was raided and he was taken by immigration and deported. He didn't know his wife was pregnant with his child. She hasn't heard from him since. A somewhat reliable source has told her he died trying to return.

Guerro took notice of Stef the first day he saw her in the dish room at O'Neils for training. Perhaps it was his own history of having a father who abandoned him as a child, or watching his own single mother raise a child in a hostile world, but  love at first sight captivated him, and compassion for Stef poured out of his soul.  He began telling her that he would marry her, and raise the baby with her. 

The trauma of recent events and the fear of the consequences related to her illegal status has kept Stef from entertaining any of Guerro's notions. However, just a few weeks into their relationship, Guerro had the kitchen crew meet him in the park while he was on a date with Stef. Santiago resided over a spontaneous marriage ceremony and though Estefania went along with the pageantry, she never considered the marriage to be legitimate because as an illegal citizen the marriage would be illegitimate as well. She still has nightmares she'll be deported. She hopes she can stay around long enough to have the baby in the country, and the baby get citizenship.