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James O'Neil came into notoriety as the best selling writer of the fiction novel series called "Green Dream." The books were about a family who came from "Greenlandia" and migrated to "Bamerica" and experienced incredible success despite the attack of dragons that the heroes of course slayed. The book was noted as "a hope piece for this generation of immigrants." There's talks of it being turned into a mini series television event.

After a separation from his wife that no one will talk about, a nostalgic desire to re-experience his days as a restaurant manager, and increasing desire for control, led James to commence his new project: "O'Neil's Irish Pub and Restaurant." 

The third week of July, he's flying in all of the family to celebrate the opening event of the restaurant. He's sent out multiple .mp3's of a song he wants everyone to sing for Granpa who he is designating as the guest of honor. In addition to those .mp3's, James has been discussing with his sister Cassidy about Granpa's future. He's hoping that as a family they can talk about it soon.

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Shannon loves her dad, but is often concerned for the stress levels he carries. She knows how much his separation from her mom affected him, but he won't talk about it. 

She's finishing up a degree in Intercultural Studies at USC, with a concentration in Latino History. She tries to talk to her dad about it, and although he nods and affirms she knows he's barely listening. 

Growing up with the "Green Dream" series gave Shannon a myth to hold onto about her family's history, but lately she's been asking questions. Her job at the restaurant, and visits with Granpa, have been leading her to reexamine whether or not she is who she wants to be.