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Sean is ready to come out from James' shadow. He is after all the one who gave him the idea for "Green Dreams," but he never even got a footnote for it. That's alright though, because James has recently invested into his company that is about to go multi-national in partnership with a British immigrant who has recently relocated to San Jose, from Colorado; Brenton Bishop. 

Over the years Sean has tried many business ventures, but this will be the first time he climbs higher on the ladder than the junior associate positions he's had in the past. Brenton has been incredibly successful and gave Sean a million dollar buy in (thanks for the loan big bro). Sean feels very confident he is about to discover success on his own. 

Sean has an incredible ability to woo (winning others over) everyone he meets, but he's so terribly self-interested that he gets bored whenever something is not about him. Nora made him start seeing a shrink because the issues seemed to be growing. The therapist diagnosed him with adult ADHD and this not only made him a bigger fan of Adam Levine than he already was, but it gave a him a reason to act out all the more; not to mention the benefits he's discovered from the adderall that have taken him to new levels on Game Center. 

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Nora met Sean in college. He won her over with his optimism and confidence. He called her his Jackie, and she called him Sean, because he wouldn't let her call him anything else. Her younger brother Finn introduced them to each other, telling Sean that his sister was the perfect mate to advance his goals; valedictorian, homecoming queen, and television journalism major. Sean just thought she was hot and everything else sounded good too. 

It's been years since they've felt any chemistry in their relationship. Lately, Nora wonders if they ever had any chemistry at all. She and her daughter found every security they needed with Sean. Emily is now 20 years old and an undergrad at USC, lacking nothing. Nora feels she has everything, but love.