Angel hasn't heard from her husband in years. She continues to develop a storyline for her kids that makes their dad sound like a hero, when in reality she has no idea where he is. Whether he is dead or alive, in the country or out. 

When he disappeared, Angel had to learn to take care of herself and her kids. Being illiterate made it almost impossible to get a job. She cried out to God every day to help her learn to read, and in time she taught herself to fill out an application, and even learn enough English to do an interview. 

A few years ago, she met Sergio at her first job at local restaurant where he taught her to cook. She and Dolores became very close friends and the Reyes' consider her family. She longs for her kids to have it better than her, and this puts her in the position of picking up every overtime shift she can. She's not sure what's more valuable - the provision she makes, or the presence she has with her kids.