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Finn made a million dollars at 23 years old when he and some college buddies figured out a way to get people use the internet to auction off their end of the year college furniture and books. A company that would call themselves "E-bay" bought the idea from them and he hasn't worked a job since.

Over the last decade Finn has been grunge, goth, bro, a hipster, and most recently some kind of hybrid where PacSun meets a Minnesota winter. His therapist tells him that he is controlled by the approval of others and its dwarfing his development. He tells his therapist that her opinion puts a lot of pressure on him. It's not going well.

On new medication, he's back to making fun of his older sister Nora and is beginning to enjoy a social life again. He's looking forward to the family event in July and has been rehearsing all of his social responses to any foreseeable questions as advised by his therapist.