Jean was a beautiful little girl. Niall had seen the teenage lass walk about the ghettos frequently. At that time he was the junior foreman at the site, and believing he knew where her life was heading, had he not intervened, he used his influence to get her a job. 

She started out a street sweeper and after Niall bought his pub, he gave her the job of head waitress. She, Niall, Aiden and Patrick were like family, and they all shared the principle that in this hostile world, they can only do the best they can, take care of each other, and survive.

Shanna showed up at the worksite one day and started working. Niall tried to ask her to leave because he didn't have the funds to pay her, but she insisted on working anyway. After a few weeks she started telling a few others that she was Niall's daughter, and then she was given the job as a pub waitress. Niall never admitted to the rumor being the truth, but giving her the job made others think such was so. Jean often looks after her as she tends to be idealistic about the world she lives in.